“Where Massage is Key to Your Wellness.”

Key Relaxation creates an atmosphere of luxury and comfort while performing therapeutic, in-home massage. Mobile in Youngstown, OH (and the Mahoning Valley/Trumbull County), Wellness and Health Education are our top priorities. Don’t wait until you ache!

Massage Services

Event (or Corporate) Chair Massage

Food, photo-booths, and line dances are present at many parties. Chair Massage can be a wonderful addition, too. The clientele remain fully clothed and receive the therapist’s undivided attention throughout the massage. Each individual session can last 10, 15, or 20 minutes and can be chosen by the host at the time of booking. Let the LMT know a little about your event; we may be able to enhance and/or specialize our time with you! You won’t regret topping off the event with relaxation!

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage is very similar to Relaxation (or Swedish) Massage except it reaches the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. It’s slow, firm, and addresses musculoskeletal imbalances. It has greater therapeutic intent. This modality is great for addressing chronic dysfunction, especially combined with Trigger Point and Neuromuscular work. Clients who have pain or discomfort, this session is for you!

Relaxation (Swedish) Massage

Mentally stressed? Full of work, social, or general anxiety? Touch and tranquility, not pain, is the motivator behind seeking a session, at times. Relaxation (or Swedish) Massage provides a gentle, rhythmic massage that is suitable for just about anyone. This modality aims to pamper and soothe the body and mind. It’s not just a soothing touch, however; Relaxation improves circulation, decreases edema/lymphedema, and helps support digestive processes.

Sports Massage

Many athletes partake in treatments and techniques to relieve body tension and enhance performance. Sports Massage does both, and more! Pre-Event, Intra-Event, and Post-Event Massage are all under the Sports umbrella and each have their place for an athlete. There’s nothing better than having your muscles and psyche prepped, centered, and ready for your game or event. Give it a try!

“CBD Me, Please” Massage

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil is the non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis plant used to help with anxiety, stress, and inflammation. Paired with our Therapeutic Deep Tissue skills and tricks, we welcome you to our “CBD Me, Please” Massage. Benefits that can be achieved are enhanced relaxation and lessened discomfort, pain, and fatigue. If you have had other CBD products, this session may be perfect for a trial.

*“Pamper Me, PERIOD!” Massage

Painful menstruation plagues many women of today and yesterday, along with unwanted PMS symptoms. We’ve developed the “Pamper Me, PERIOD!” Massage to help relieve several of those discomforts and to aid you in one of your most sacred cycles. Feel it for yourself!

*This service is currently unavailable; availability is TBA.

*“Bespoken Stress Buster” Massage

Trigger Points are nodules (“knots”) that can exist in taut bands of muscle fiber. Tension is when muscles are locked in a state of contraction and unable to relax. Stress can result in either of these. We all know the discomfort that follows. Our Bespoken Stress Buster Session utilizes several massage tools (and techniques) to achieve ultimate relief and relaxation for our clientele.

*This service is currently unavailable; availability is TBA.

Why Choose Us?

Key Relaxation is here to bring Massage and Wellness to Youngstown proper and its citizens. We value health, education, and community, and strive to exemplify all the above in our business practices and policies. The vision we have for our business starts with Massage Therapy, but extends much further. Our company will eventually encompass Mind and Body and as such, our Massage Sessions are all customized to fit you and your specific needs! Until we expand, we offer:

  • Professional, Warm, & Wholesome Ambience
  • Initial Consultation/Examination & Session
  • Fully Specialized Therapeutic Massage Sessions with Treatment Plan
  • Complimentary Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)
  • *Complimentary (30) Thirty-Minute Chair Massage with the purchase of one of our Massage Packages
  • Exclusive Travel to Your Location
  • & more, once we expand to our location!


We appreciate the critiques and feedback of our clientele. Without your valuable input, we wouldn’t be able to learn, adjust, and become a leading company in our field and area. Good, bad, and ugly, Key Relaxation wants to hear your thoughts on our massage practices! Click the button below to tell us about your experience.

Interested in Additional Information?

Set up your first appointment with us to consult, assess, and plan for your massage journey. We want to offer the best massotherapy experience possible for our clientele.

We’ll spend half an hour or less discussing your goals, expectations, and interest with our business. Our forms are simple yet thorough. Afterwards, we’ll conduct your first assessment and massage. We will serve your needs to the best of our abilities!

About Us

Key Relaxation is a Limited Liability Company centered in Youngstown, OH that provides mobile therapeutic massage.

Our goal is to provide quality, therapeutic, customized massage to the average man or woman. Any accommodations necessary will be made for any client to the best of our ability and within our scope.

We accept any and all donations to further our business. Thank you!


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